We Asked Australian Porn Stars What They're Doing on Valentine’s Day

14 February, 2016



Australia’s most famous porn star gets honest about her sexuality.

9 May, 2016



Adult Press Sydney SEXPO 2016 Encounters

May 20, 2016


MOMENT OF TRUTH – Honey Im a Pornstar

July, 2016


Madison Missina explains why women in the sex industry opt for long hair… and no pubes.

3 JUNE 2016


Thinking of trying a threesome? Here's an expert's guide to the etiquette of negotiating a tryst with two sexual partners

July 24 2016


The Osher Gunsberg Podcast EPISODE 144

July, 2016



What the Hell is "Monogamish"?

What the Hell is "Monogamish"?

Aug 12 2016






“As a sex worker, being told that I’m a victim is offensive”

Written by Madison Missina

30 March 2015

The faces of prostitution in Australia


Sex workers protest blog blaming Pretty Woman for glamourising prostitution

Sex workers protest blog blaming Pretty Woman for glamourising prostitution

March 31, 2015



#FacesOfProstitution selfies challenge the public perception of sex work

3 april 2015



NITTY GRITTY Podcast with Meshel Laurie

12 April, 2015

Madison Missina – the Pornstar Sex Therapist

June 17, 2015



Triple J Hack - Safe Words in the BDSM industry

3 August, 2015


A sex worker answers every single question you’ve ever had.

9 August, 2015





Part One – Madison Missina on her life in the sex industry

Part One – Madison Missina on her life in the sex industry

1 May, 2014


Madison Missina — on porn

Part Two — a day on a porn set with Madison Missina

7 May, 2014


Madison Missina — on sexual health and personal safety

15 May, 2014


Safe Sex is Sexy

27 June, 2014


Australian Study of Health and Relationships 2014 reports sexual double standards slipping.

9 November, 2014


Couple swapping: negotiating boundaries

26 November, 2014





"LinkedIn doesn't care if we're assaulted": Sex workers speak out

20 may 2013



The Lifted Brow #21 | The Sex Issue



Headfirst – ABC –  The Porn Ultimatium


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Madison Missina is an independent luxury escort and adult film actress. She is based in Canberra, however frequently tours Melbourne and Sydney.

Madison has based her career around the old world Courtesans. Spending her entire adult life studying and exploring sex, pleasure and intimacy Madison is a true sexual expert.

Outside of the Adult Industry Madison is also a Sexologist and Therapist, her work has been featured at SEXPO, and on many online publications to count. 

In Porn, Madison has been awarded the title of Pornstar of the Year for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. She was inducted in the Australian Adult Industry Awards in 2015 and has received numerous other awards for escort work.



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