Ask Madison: Sexual Health Checks

This reader wants to know about the legalities of performing sexual health checks on our clients.

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"Is it a legal requirement for escorts to do a health inspection at start? I think I remember the brothel telling me it is a legal requirement in a parlour... also, do most/all escorts do this and therefore are the clients expecting it and fine about it?

Thanks for contacting me! And yes, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Now when it comes to sexual health. There is no legal requirement to do a health check. It is however the house policy of many parlours to do them and it is for your own good. I always perform the parlour style health check on all my clients, and I have many regular clients who value this. 

Checking the client just before things start, after they have showered is not really doing anything for you at all. And you're right that many escorts do it this way. The problem with this is, if the client has showered you're not going to pick up any abnormal discharge. Additionally without the right light you may miss skin-based diseases. The number of times I’ve found a normal looking penis then found something under my light is surprising.

"The trick is framing it the correct way. I always say something cheesy like its time for me to play nurse... "

Then I make a joke about my cold hands and torch. And then I generally compliment the client...I have never had a client say they feel humiliated by this experience. But I also talk freely about this practice so my clients expect it.

At the end of the day, a simple STI like chlamydia will cost you at least 3 weeks off work. Herpes can cost you 6-8 weeks, that’s a lot of money. If you pass on one of these to a client and that gets published it will destroy your reputation and business. Just think of the impact of that on you versus you sparing a client's feelings.

The other thing to think about is, not only are you protecting your sexual health, but that of your clients and as most clients are married you’re protecting their wife. You will find that you will be respected for this practice, as clients will feel they can trust you.

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