Cheap but meaningful last minute Valentines ideas.

Its ok you still have time, let's get straight into it!

The key to making your last minute Valentines Day celebrations special, is to make sure its personal and affective towards your partner. So take 5 minutes and read my article on the 5 Love languages to work out your partners Love Language first.

Words of Affirmation

Open your desk drawer, pull out your post it notes, now fill them with “I love you”, ‘You’re so beautiful”, but make it as personal as you can get. How gorgeous does your partner look when they are wearing those pants? What did you first notice about them? Reasons why you love them? What makes you proud of them? When your partner finds each note, take some time to elaborate a little bit more on each message.

Then when you get home (even if they beat you to it) just casually walk around your home and stick the notes where your partner will find them. Their pillow, their underwear drawer, their favourite after dinner snack in the pantry, the bathroom mirror.

Another idea is to make a playlist on your phone, think about the songs that make you think about your partner, your song together etc. At home tonight, play the play list and as the songs come on, tell your partner why these songs are special.


This is the trickiest, because great super cheap gifts take time, or great super quick gifts take money. So here’s my suggestion for a gift that takes a little bit of time and a little bit of money.

What you’ll need

  • A packet of your Love’s favourite chocolate, biscuit, snack type food eg mint slices

  • A packet of foil

  • Some paper and a pen.

  • 1 Gift Bag.


Similar to post it notes, write a love note for each biscuit or chocolate.

Wrap the love note and 1 biscuit in the foil.

Place all of them in the gift bag!

Voila a cheap, personal and sweet gift that doesn’t take all day to do!

Quality Time

This one is possibly the easiest, because its all about your undivided attention. So when you get home to your love, switch of your phone, don’t turn on the TV. Make Dinner with them, lay out a rug on the floor, light some candles and focus on them. Ask them deep questions about what they would like to really do this year. How do they feel your relationship is going? If you were to win the lotto how would you spend it. Don’t forget to tell them why you love them, and your all sorted!

Physical Touch

One word. Massage!

Light some candles, play some soft music, grab some coconut oil or favourite massage oil and get pampering. Keep your focusing on your pleasing your partner (no I’m not suggesting sexually, remember this love language is about affection first.)

If you’re a massage novice here’s a little hack. Create a playlist of sensual songs, then split the body up into sections and focus on one part of the body per song. So 1 song per leg, 1 song for the feet, 1 song for the left side of the back, then another song for the right side of the back. Keep your movements slow, and if your partner wants more pressure, simply lean forward placing your body weight over your arms. Don’t worry about technique; check in with your partner about what feels good for them. Voila you’re now a Master Masseuse!

Acts of Service

This is a fun one, I’ve heard of some couples (who both are acts of service people) turn this into a royalty game where they take turns treating one another like royalty. So to make this a Valentines Day edition, quickly and cheaply, imagine your partner is a King or Queen. Jump up and rush to the fridge to bring them drinks or snacks. Make the dinner and do all of the clean up your self, fuss over and tell them just to relax. Fill up the bathtub, light candles and wash their back as you ask them about their day.

Alright, I’ve given you some ideas, take 20 minutes and $10 and go show your love how special they are!

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Former Australian Pornstar, Madison Missina is an Escort Mentor or Adult Industry Business Coach as well as a Sex Worker peer based counsellor. 

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