How to get into Porn in Australia

Think you've got what it takes to be a Pornstar? Read on and I'll teach you how to start your career.

I get asked this question a lot. There is plenty of work out there for you if you have a professional approach. Really 90% of being a successful Pornstar is just showing up!

Ok so you want to do porn. Firstly, you need to contact a production company. Find their email addresses and reach out. Websites that I have personally worked for, and highly recommend are:




Girls Out west

Porn is a real job, so your first email to a Producer should be professional and courteous.”

When sending your application email, write it like you are applying for a job. These companies take their jobs very seriously (and don’t do it as a hobby, their livelihoods depend on it). You will not get a response if you are clearly wasting their time. Include your experience level, a few clear pictures of your face and body (no dick, unless you are specifically asked later), and it’s a good idea to let them know WHY you want to be involved in Porn. When contacting the company it’s also a great idea to ask for a reference from a performer, so you know you are dealing with a reputable company. This is a process I happily do for new talent, I’m always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each company, my personal experience and their shooting style. Though boys, keep in mind Porn work for male talent in Australia is extremely limited.

Cis male talent checklist, can you?

1. Show up?

2. Get an erection yourself, keep it and cum on cue?

3. Treat you co-performers with respect on and off-camera?


There are a lot of new ‘companies’ & would-be Producers popping up all the time, so working out which are legitimate offers from the scams can be tricky, heres my guide.

Talent Agencies

Listen to me very carefully here, in Australia we have NO talent agencies for Porn work. I'm going to say this again, in Australia we have NO talent agencies for Porn work.

Unfortunately what we do have, is fraudulent companies trying to take advantage of people who want to ‘break’ into the industry. The industry in Australia is too small to support talent agencies. This is why you will see studios actively recruiting direct to budding performers. No professional studio in Australia will hire you through an agency, they want to give you 100% of your hard earned money. Steer clear of any talent agencies who are saying they will help you get into porn. If you want to go internationally contact Australian Producers (in particular Lightsouthern) as they can help you with the process and introductions.

(Did you know that most Porn shot in Australia is for International companies?)

Free auditions

This is the most popular scam. Usually a new ‘company’ will ask a new star to audition for free, promising thousands if you are lucky enough to be selected. This is a scam. Porn is a professional industry. You never need to have sex, or even get naked for and with anyone for free. If you are ever worried about your safety, ask the producer if you can bring a safety person along to the shoot.

Exclusivity Contracts

If any producer approaches you with a contract (not including the 2257 forms required for each scene you do, make sure before you sign anything you take it to an entertainment contract solicitor to go through it with you first.

We are aware of scams where the company will ask new talent to sign ambiguous looking contracts. Working with professional companies In Australia, these contracts do not exist, so proceed with extreme caution.

Condom use

When I first started I was strongly advised that I had to perform without condoms. This is not true. Condoms in sex are a safety device; it goes against Australian OHS rules for any producer to not permit their use. If you feel safe not using them, that is fine, but the choice is yours. It’s your health, your body; no producer is going to pay for your medical treatment or time off work if you do contract anything on set. Furthermore on any shoot with do with another person, you will be required to bring your current (14 days) full STI results, including Oral Exams to further mitigate risks. When performing in porn you need to be aware that you are always at risk, however low it may be.

Safety Person – Taking someone with you to ensure that you are safe

As mentioned previously, you have the right to take a safety person to set, someone who will make sure everything that’s happening is consented and as agreed to. Make sure you ask the producer if this is ok - keep in mind if its a couple scene you are booked for, the producer has confidentiality of the other person in mind. If it’s just a solo and especially your first time shooting with the company, and company that does not allow someone to be present with you for you safety, this should be considered a red flag.


As both a male and female performer it is your responsibility to control your performance. This means for people with vaginas, to ensure you are sufficiently warmed up and lubricated before your performance begins. For people with penises, this means you and you alone need to control your erection and climax.

Most companies consider ‘fluffing’ or any sexual contact between co-performers as sexual harassment. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you, a person with penis cannot use it when asked, you may be asked to refund your performer fee.

Performing with the Director or Producer.

Being in Porn will mean it’s likely you will be asked to perform opposite another person. There are some companies that will ask you to perform with the Director. The companies that I can vouch for as ethical within this format in my opinion are Pin up Land and Aussie Ass.

With new and inexperienced companies, they like to pitch as ‘keeping costs low’, so ‘you will be performing on the Director’. If you chose a scene like this, get your payment up-front (most good porn sets, you should anyway). If the director/ performer is focusing on filming, they may have trouble with erections and climaxing. If you have done the work, you should still get paid whether he can perform or not. Also it’s a good idea to put a time limit before you get to set, say for these POV style scenes you are on-set no longer than 2.5 hours.

So ladies, my personal policy on this, I set an hourly rate and request my payment in advance.

The Australian Porn industry is growing and it’s a great industry to be a part of. But be wary, and always feel welcomed to come to me or any other seasoned performer for advice and guidance. We love seeing new talent make our industry awesome.

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Former Australian Pornstar, Madison Missina is an Escort Mentor or Adult Industry Business Coach as well as a Sex Worker peer based counsellor. 

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