How to succeed in porn, without really trying.

After 20 Years I finally took my heels, and closed my legs! Welcome to my next project, heres a rundown of what to expect from me now..

If you have followed me on twitter you would have heard me joke along these lines with industry folk. It's basically a joke that sums up all the truly dumb shit that happens in the porn industry. Like one giant face palm of a moment.

For example, (and possibly the very first time I cracked this joke), a performer forgot somehow, to show up to the shoot. I can't begin to tell you just how many shoots in Australia are ruined simply because the scheduled performer just didn't show up. Now it's one thing to get cold feet and decide you don't want to do porn, that happens sometimes and its cool, porn is a big irreversible deal. But its entirely different thing, to already be a professional performer in Australia, have responded to all the shoot confirmation emails and texts, spent weeks preparing for the shoot, then on the day. "Shit I'm in [insert some random city somewhere else in Australia] I thought the 7th was next week!"

“How to succeed in Porn without really trying?” ... Simply show up to scheduled shoots on time, ready to shoot.

And I guess this just really sums up my life, a lot of lucky breaks because I do simple things such as just show up, combined with some serious face palm moments. So when it came to starting my own post porn sex blog, I thought it would be the perfect name.

So Welcome! On this blog I'll be sharing love and relationship tips, sex tips, helping you out with sex education especially the big topic of how do we address the topic of porn with kids. Along with random stories from my life.

If you have a burning question or a topic you would like to me write about just email me at and I will do my best to answer it here. You can read more Ask Madison's here.

Otherwise if you would like a one on one Skype session for my form of therapy/sexology/coaching, you can book online through my site.

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Former Australian Pornstar, Madison Missina is an Escort Mentor or Adult Industry Business Coach as well as a Sex Worker peer based counsellor. 

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